Cheap and Easy Worm Farm

Composting worms are an easy and rewarding project for the beginning to experienced gardener. Also, makes a great science project and life lesson for kids!


Grow A 12 Day Garden Sprouting Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

It takes months to get a ripe bell pepper and with my limited space indoors and a greenhouse still only in the planning stage, I wanted to do something more productive.

Camera in the Chicken Coop – Roost View

As the chickens are turning in for the evening, watch the “pecking order” in action and see how each new chicken changes the dynamic. After claiming their places, the hens and their rooster calm down for a good self-grooming (preening) while tucking themselves in for the night.

Homestead Home Office Deduction Made Easy

If you have a home office that is used exclusively for business but have not taken your deduction because it was too complicated to track and calculate, try using the “safe harbor method”.

Chickens: Pets with Benefits (part 2)

The local feed store was having a livestock swap on Saturday so I drove down with my son to see what they had. As soon as we pulled up in front of the store, there he was, a Buff Orpington rooster. I couldn’t believe my luck!

Container Gardens

Container gardens are a great way to grow produce in a small space. With some careful planning a tender loving care, you can reap nature’s bounty on a small scale. This photo above is an actual harvest we grew on our back deck.