Cheap and Easy Worm Farm

Composting worms are an easy and rewarding project for the beginning to experienced gardener. Also, makes a great science project and life lesson for kids!

Chicken Eggs

Chickens – Pets with Benefits

Nesting Buff Orpington Hen
Chickens are so much fun to have and so easy to care for. In return they give us fresh, delicious, healthy eggs and lots of laughs.
Brown chicken eggs
Buff Orpington’s lay large brown eggs. The first eggs they lay will be small and maybe even have a soft shell but soon they will be large, with hard shells and bright orange yolks.

Buff Orpington chickens playing in the snow….or not!

Some Basic Chicken Facts

Often when I am chatting about my chickens to co-workers, vendors, and anyone else who shows interest, I realize how little the general public knows about chickens. Here are some basic chicken facts that you may find interesting.

Camera in the Chicken Coop – Roost View

As the chickens are turning in for the evening, watch the “pecking order” in action and see how each new chicken changes the dynamic. After claiming their places, the hens and their rooster calm down for a good self-grooming (preening) while tucking themselves in for the night.