Cherry Ella Focht
Cherry Ella Focht MBA EA

I grew up on a small homestead in the country. We had a little over 2 acres and it was normal for me to have a large garden, fruit trees, and farm animals. As people moved into our neighborhood, bought property and built homes, it seemed strange to me that they did not have gardens or animals.

I still remember wondering what “organic” meant when I first heard about it. If food like apples and tomatoes had to be labeled “organic” then what was the other food? The more I learned more about GMO’s and commercial farming, the more I wanted to get back to growing and raising my own food.

The homestead movement has been steadily gaining popularity as people realize how satisfying it can be to get back in touch with nature. Whether it’s growing your own tomatoes on an apartment balcony or buying some acreage in the country, homesteads of all sizes are becoming a rewarding past time for many.

Country Girl
Master's Degree in Business Administration and Management
Bachelor's Degree in Accounting
IRS Enrolled Agent
Senior Certified Professional in Human Resources (SHRM-SCP)

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