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Hen Apron Chicken Saddle Review

This blog is a review of the different kind of hen aprons or hen saddles and my opinion of their effectiveness. As always I list the description and provide a link to Amazon should you decide to purchase any of these recommended products. By shopping through this site, I receive a small commission at no cost to you. This helps pay for my cost of the website and I appreciate your consideration in using my link.

I love my rooster, Lincoln and he really loves his hens. Sometimes a little too much. He is always showing them the best goodies to eat and keeps watch over them. However, his amorous rooster behavior sometimes results in bare patches on the hens backs and shoulders. Before this could escalate into broken skin and other related problems, I decided to buy hen aprons to protect the girls.

My first purchase was from Hen Saver. I chose a tan hen apron to keep from attracting attention to the apron, thinking the other chickens would possibly peck at it. This first purchase was the most expensive at $11.77 including Prime shipping for one apron. However, the durability and quality of this apron is much higher than the less expensive versions I purchased later. Hen Saver Single Strap Chicken Apron/Saddle, Large, Khaki

Hensaver 2
This hen apron/saddle, while the most expensive at $11.77 with Prime from Amazon was also the best design in durability of fabric, fit, and ease of putting on the hen. The strap is a single sliding elastic band that pulls through the fabric at the shoulder to allow the wing to easily fit through one at a time. Hen Saver Single Strap Chicken Apron/Saddle, Large, Khaki
Hen saddle or hen apron
Buff Orpington hen wearing a hen saddle or hen apron to protect her back. You can see her shoulder is not covered and the skin is exposed.

However, if you are looking for a less expensive alternative because you need to buy multiples, the standard size 5 pack of hen aprons from Thimble works is a great buy. The assorted fabrics are adorable, soft and have held up just fine over the past month. This photo was taken after the hen had worn it for one month. There is no damage or fraying. I also discovered the the patterns do not attract any pecking and really like how cute they are!

Standard Size 5 Pack Hen / Chicken Saddle

This design does not cover the shoulders. As you can see in the photo, the hen’s shoulder is missing feathers and the skin is exposed. If this worsened, the other chickens could peck at the flesh and cause further damage or even death. This hen is doing fine and this hen apron is working for her. Her shoulders are healing and so is her back.

However, another hen that I used the standard apron for continued to lose feathers. I chose to remove her apron and replace it with an over the shoulder design. As you can see by the photo below, this particular design is ill fitting and does not lay flat. I am not naming the source of the purchase because I do not recommend it. Read further for my recommended over the shoulder hen apron.

Buff Orpington chicken wearing an over the shoulder hen apron or hen saddle
This chicken is wearing an over the shoulder hen apron or hen saddle to protect her shoulders and her back while her feathers regrow. As you can see this apron/saddle has an additional layer of fabric that floats over the top. I prefer one that lays flat and do not recommend this particular hen apron design.

In my honest opinion, the best over the shoulder design is the one below by Louise’s Country Closet. It has seams stitched on the “wing” part of the hen apron/saddle that goes over the top of the wing/shoulder area. This keeps the fabric laying flat and does not use an extra layer.

Standard Size 5 Pack Chicken Saddle Complete Protection for Wings and Back

For $19.99 plus $2.56 shipping, it’s a great deal when you need multiples (a single apron is just $6).

over the shoulder hen apron/saddle
This over the shoulder hen apron or hen saddle covers the top of the wings as well. It lays flat, fits well and is durable.

If you have any recommendations, please comment. I am always on the lookout for good quality chicken products!

Thank you for reading.


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