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Gravity Fed Water Filtration System Made with Food Grade Buckets

I really wanted a water filtration system but was reluctant to spend hundreds of dollars on one. Making your own water filtration system at home can save hundreds of dollars and give you the same quality water as the expensive fancy systems because it uses the same filters.

We were buying bottled water for the health and safety of our family but I really disliked the waste and the cost. After searching around on the internet, I found a kit that included a filter, spigot and instructions on how to fashion two food grade buckets into a water filtration system. I was sold! Now we have safe, clean water for our family, pets, and plants for less than $70. The system produces more than 5 gallons of water per day at about than 3 cents per gallon with the initial filter kit purchase. The cost per gallon goes down when you buy replacement filters because you are not buying the entire kit. Flow rate and lifespan of the filter depends on how dirty the water is that you filter. You can add additional filters by drilling more holes to increase the flow rate.

The concept is so simple and assembly is easy.

Bottom bucket of water filtration system
This is the bottom bucket of the water filtration system. I drilled a hole high enough for the spigot to clear the surface it will be sitting on.
Homemade water filtration
I drilled a hole in the top bucket of the water filtration system and inserted the ceramic dome filter into the hole, tightening it down on the other side by hand. Be sure to hold the filter with a plastic bag so the oils from your hand do not clog the filter. Also, hold it by the plastic base so you don’t crack the filter.
Bottom view of the top bucket
The ceramic dome filter secures with a plastic wing nut by hand. Water passes through the ceramic dome filter using gravity and flows through the hollow blue tube into the bucket below. This blue hollow tube sits in the hole in the lid of the bottom bucket below.
Lid on bottom bucket
Drill a hole in the lid of the bottom bucket. The water will flow through this from the top bucket after passing through the ceramic dome filter.
Fully assembled bucket water filtration system
Place the top bucket onto the bottom bucket. Be sure to line up the hole in the lid of the bottom bucket with the ceramic filter tube coming out from the bottom of the top bucket.



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