Buff Orpington Chick

Baby Chick’s First Day Out

Mama hen takes an enthusiastic and well deserved dirt bath while baby chick watches anxiously. Our rooster, Lincoln, strolls by the on the other side of the temporary fence I put up to keep the chick safe. Finally the chick works up the courage to join Momma hen and experience dirt for the first time.

Young chicks can be killed by full grown chickens so they should be kept separately while they mature. Momma hen will protect them for while but eventually she will lose her broodiness and rejoin the flock.
When Momma hen surprised us by going broody in August (she was only 5 months old) we weren’t prepared and improvised a brooder using a plastic dog crate. It worked really well and I was glad to reuse something that was just gathering dust since our poor bulldog Twinkie had passed away last November.
Recycling is a big part of our purpose in homesteading and seeking a healthier life while reducing our carbon footprint. Buying less plastic, and reusing the plastic containers we do buy, makes me feel good and saves money, but that’s another blog…


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