Camera in the Chicken Coop – Roost View

This 20 minute video shows my chickens in their evening routine. Watch as Buff Orpington hens and their rooster settle in on their roost for the evening. There is a red light heat lamp securely fastened from a rafter above keeping the temperature about 20 degrees above the outside. Since we get temperatures down to 10 degrees in the winter here in the high desert of northern nevada, we decided to install the heat lamp in the coop to keep our “pets with benefits” cozy. It’s paid off for us as they continue to lay up to 6 eggs per day, even during the coldest weather. The red heat lamp makes the color of the video a little pinkish but provides the least amount of disruption to their sleep patterns.

As the chickens are turning in for the evening, watch the “pecking order” in action and see how each new chicken changes the dynamic. After claiming their places, the hens and their rooster calm down for a good self-grooming (preening) while tucking themselves in for the night.

Let me know if you find this interesting and I will post more videos of chickens in action!


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