Container Gardens

Container gardens are a great way to grow produce in a small space. With some careful planning a tender loving care, you can reap nature’s bounty on a small scale. This photo above is an actual harvest we grew on our back deck.

Before my husband and I were blessed with the opportunity to purchase 5 acres in the country, we made the best we could with container gardens. Purchasing great soil like Happy Frog Potting Soil and seedlings from a reputable organic garden supply like Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply  made all the difference.

Our back deck was pretty small, about 20 feet long and only 6 feet wide but it was a manageable size for a couple of novices with two young boys and a busy work schedule.

I found myself getting up early to water the garden and move plants around to maximize or minimize the sun, depending upon their condition and the weather. This drove my husband crazy but I couldn’t help “messing with the plants”. It was so relaxing! We spent every evening just sitting on the couch outside and inspecting our plants for signs of fruit or problem bugs.

When the old plum tree in the back yard responded to my careful pruning, we were flooded with plums and decided to learn how to can. My mom used to can and so did my grandma but I mostly just watched. My husband and I had so much fun learning to can together, we were hooked. Soon we were looking for new recipes to do even more.

Canned Plums
Canned plums from my backyard garden.

If you are interested in learning to can, the US Department of Agriculture has a great website with detailed information on how to safely can foods. I highly recommend you start there.

Once you learn to can safely and successfully, you may want to sell your canned jams and jellies. For more information, please visit my blog on creating a Cottage Goods Business.


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