Hen Apron Chicken Saddle Review

Hen saddle or hen apron

I love my rooster, Lincoln and he really loves his hens. Sometimes a little too much.


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Chickens – Pets with Benefits

Chicken Eggs

Buff Orpington chickens playing in the snow….or not!

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Grow A 12 Day Garden Sprouting Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

It takes months to get a ripe bell pepper and with my limited space indoors and a greenhouse still only in the planning stage, I wanted to do something more productive.

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Cooking with the Sun

I love my Solavore Sport oven! I have used it to bake multiple meals for our family. Anything you can bake in the oven, you can bake in the solar oven. This is a marinaded pork loin that I baked recently. I just put it out in the morning and it is tender and juicy […]

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Fresh Free Organic Bell Peppers in January

I am still learning to garden but I am getting better at it. After moving to Northern Nevada it was quite a learning curve. High desert is not a great place for a garden, especially when your soil is pretty much a beach without the water. We also have serious winds and rapid temperature changes. […]

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Gravity Fed Water Filtration System Made with Food Grade Buckets

water filter

Now we have safe, clean water for our family, pets, and plants for less than $70. The system produces more than 5 gallons of water per day at about than 3 cents per gallon.

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Baby Chick’s First Day Out

Buff Orpington Chick

Finally the chick works up the courage to join Momma hen and experience dirt for the first time.

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Some Basic Chicken Facts

Often when I am chatting about my chickens to co-workers, vendors, and anyone else who shows interest, I realize how little the general public knows about chickens. Here are some basic chicken facts that you may find interesting.

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Getting Started with Chickens

Getting started with chickens is cheap and easy. The needs of baby chicks are simple and they are not a big investment. If you have a limited budget, you can get creative to keep down the cost. 

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Camera in the Chicken Coop – Roost View

As the chickens are turning in for the evening, watch the “pecking order” in action and see how each new chicken changes the dynamic. After claiming their places, the hens and their rooster calm down for a good self-grooming (preening) while tucking themselves in for the night.

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